The Okonomi-yaki feature

There are some features that explain in below in okonomi-yaki.
  1. Individual multi-structure.
    Put individually ingredient such like the chart.
  2. Use special sweet and hot sauce(Okonomi-yaki sauce).
    The sauce is not secret to increase deliciousness, but also tempt people by good smell such as coffee shop and ramen shop.
  3. Not to cook by yourself
    Cook(Usually middle age woman and man) quickly cook by your order.
  4. Crispy base.
    Spreaded round base is like thin crape.
  5. Plenty of vegetables.
    You can eat plenty of cabbage and bean sprouts that you can't expect.
  6. Put noodles in.
    Usually put yellow thin noodles or white thick noodles. Those help to fully satisfy your appetite. Big eater puts 2 packs of noodles. For instance, you can order ‘fried dry squid・noodles・egg・double’. You can order ‘double’ at last.
  7. You can read magazines and cartoons.
    There are many kinds of magazines and cartoons in okonomi-yaki shop, then you can read those during eating okonomi-yaki. Dirty magazines and cartoons indicate what popular those are.
  8. Everyone(from adults to children) eats okonomi-yaki.
    We eat as lunch and dinner. We love okonomi-yaki.

Chart source
Cook at home! Hiroshima's okonomi-yaki note.(Cook okonomi-yaki by hot plate.)
Plan & issue : Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd.
Produce : Gimmick Urban Life Institute.

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Translated by Eiji Toya(J -> English)
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