The Okonomi-yaki
eating process

Okonomi-yaki beautiful eating method.
We introduce ‘The 21separations eating method’by Bunpei Yanagi who is okonomi-yaki analyst.
  • 1〜3 Taste medium rare.
  • 4〜6 Eat from right side.
  • 7〜9 Eat fastly hot part of steel plate.
  • 10〜16 It is getting last part of food.
    14 Feel satisfaction.
  • 19〜21 Taste little burned parts.
Don't eat 14 fast. You are thought unplanning person. But, you don't 14 at last, if you eat 14 at last, you show your miser and dark character.

This is the Bunpei Yanagi's method. Would you like to try this?
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Translated by Eiji Toya(J -> English)
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